Donations to the Camlann Medieval Association, 

a 501(c) 3 Washington Corporation, are tax-deductible, 

and are an important way you can help develop the village at Camlann.

   Patron Donors help finance Capital Projects.

Donors Application Form

(print this page and mail with your check)

 o    Enclosed is my tax deductible check to:

               Camlann Medieval Association for a donation as:      


o  Freeman        $25+         or  4 hours help ( below)          

Franklin        $50+         (listed as sponsor)                        

Squire             $100+       (also receives faire poster)            

Noble              $500+       (also calligraphed scroll)              

Founder         $1,000+    (also life member)                        

Merchant      $10,000+   (also wall painting, illumination)   

Lording         $50,000+   (also window panel, illumination)  

Saint             $100,000+   (also chapel window, illumination)


I want to help with:

   o office     o interpreter   o kitchen  

o library   

o volunteers   

o gate

o research  

o site work      

o first aid

o teaching

o gardening    

o animals

o publicity

o carpentry     

o games

o mailings

o fundraising  

o parking

o posters   

o sewing           

o crafts


NAME ______________________________________________

ADDRESS ___________________________________________

TOWN ____________________________ ZIP ______________

PHONE (eve) ___________________  (day) _________________

E-MAIL  (optional) _____________________________________


PRIVACY NOTE: All personal information received by Camlann remains strictly confidential, 

and is not sold or made available to other individuals or organizations in any form.