Our interpreters are volunteers and staff

who have taken on the role of a medieval person

in order to give the visitor an in depth sense of village life.

Roger of Glastonbury, 

Retired from his minstrel career, he is now hosteler at the Bors Hede Inne

Vincente le Smythe, 

     He works iron, making all metal tools, utensils & hardware for himself, and the villagers.

Katherine Martyn

As village potter, she makes fine clay wares; her son James teaches long bow archery to visitors.


Joan Leddrede

Joan, a customary tenant, makes fine baskets used by the villagers for carrying nearly everything.

Alys gardening

Alys of Rochester, widow

 Widowed by her mason husband,  she keeps the  cottage just inside the gate.

Eva Musket

The village lister, she dyes wool and fabrics using natural dyes from plants and vegetables.

  More to come !!