Camlann, in its 43rd year, re-creates the every-day experience

 of a 14th century rural village typical of Somerset, England:

a Living History Museum project

 for the interpretation, and enjoyment of medieval culture.


   Camlann Medieval Village features in-character interpreters who have taken on roles of medieval persons living in a small village in the year 1376.  Camlann is dedicated to offering the public powerful personal experiences of history, including multiple learning and performing arts oppor-tunities, built upon thorough research of rural communities in 14th century England, to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between those historical events and western society today.


 Why is medieval culture important to us in the 21st century ?  The accomplishments of the middle ages are the bedrock foundations of western society.  Our language, values, customs, religions, governments, legal systems, calendars, science, tools, arts, fashions are deeply rooted in European and Middle Eastern traditions in those formative times.  


  Camlann offers a unique opportunity for schools, organizations, families, and individuals to explore the complexity of our heritage and the traditions which continue to enrich our lives today.  Camlann's authentic architecture, food, clothing, and demonstrations allow visitors to walk a few important steps in the shoes of our ancestors.


  Camlann's goal is not to wish for a return to the past, but is to enrich the quality of our lives today, through a re-discovery of traditional arts and values worth preserving in times of rapid change ... to understand the wider world we are a part of ... to encourage involvement in live performance and handmade crafts ... to understand an era when man and the environment were more directly bound together ... to make the world of the scholar relevant to the general public ... to challenge historical stereotypes ... to give our young generation a stake in their heritage.



A 501 C-3 non-profit, educational group, incorporated in Washington State, October 1984.


   Camlann's board of directors is elected to reflect cultural interests in the wider community.  The board meets quarterly to review budgets, policy, and oversee  programs.  Current members are:

Roger Shell, president, founder, project coordinator


Iwalani Christian, vice-president, interpreter, retired


Lynette Fricke, secretary-treasurer,  accountant,  middle school teacher

Jean Fowler, community activist, retired


Mary Jo Reid, program manager, retired


Rory Linden, contractor, blacksmith


David Morse, high school history & English teacher


Kim McCoy, IT services technician


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