Fee per class / workshop:  $40.00  (Interpreters: No fee)

  Seminars and workshops about medieval  culture,

 presented by Camlann artisans, & staff. 

Class limits are 15 unless otherwise noted. (See below)

Classes are  NOON to 4 P.M. unless otherwise noted.

Mail in your check with the Registration form. 

  Check back on this page periodically for updated information about your class.  You may wish to bring a bottle of water, and a cushion might be a consideration for the wooden benches.   Medieval dress is welcome, but not required, except as noted.  Students in all classes will receive handouts containing an outline, bibliography, response form, supporting information, and illustrations.


Living History Interpretation

Sunday,  February 27th    Noon  to 4:00 P.M.

Learn how to be a first person interpreter, and study Camlann's goals and methods for presenting living history. 

Required audit, for 'village' / festival participants;  

Middle English for Interpreters :

Sunday,  March 20th  Noon  to 4:00 P.M.

Language, Character traits and Dialogue

(Interpreter class is prerequisite)  

Required, as audit, for all 'village life' participants.

Presenting in Character

Sunday April 10th  Noon to 4 P.M.

On-site dress rehearsal for presenting your character.

(Interpreter class is prerequisite)  Required, as audit, for all 'village life' participants.

Open-hearth Cooking   

Sunday November 6th  Noon  to 4:00 P.M.

 Hands-on experience using medieval fire tools; 

Fire starting & tending; food prep; &cooking.

And food to eat when all is done. 

The Medieval Village

 Sunday,  March 6th  Noon to 4 P.M.

 A survey of daily life, routines, and 14th c. life.

Required, as audit, for all 'village life' participants.

Presentation Workshop

Sunday, April 3rd  Noon to 4 P.M.

 Interpreters  presentation and language. 

(Interpreter class is prerequisite)  

Required, as audit, for 'village life' participants.

 Developing a Medieval Character : 

Sunday,  March 13th Noon to 4 P.M. 

Presenting your character:  background, preparation, practice roleplaying, and village relationships.(Interpretation class is prerequisite)  

Required, as audit, for all 'village life' participants.

Medieval History Timeline

Sunday,  October 16th  Noon to 4 P.M.

Roger Shell, presenter

1000 years of history in Europe:

 Century by century, detailed maps, tables

 Medieval Blacksmithing:
Sunday,  Oct 23rd  Noon to 4 P.M.
Rory Linden, Presenter.  Learn the basics of forging iron in the middle ages.  $40 fee
Class limit: 6 (max:2/family) ages 16 & up

A Historical Arthur

Sunday, November 13th  Noon to 4  P.M.

Roger Shell, Presenter

Was Arthur a real person?  Examine the historical evidnce for your self.