Call 425-788-8624 for an appointment.

Fee:  $5.00 for Juniors, $10.00 fo adults.  Cash or check.

Maximum group size: 40


  A two hour class, held in the undercroft of the Bors Hede Inne, and a tour of the village, discussing daily life in the middle ages.  Presents ideas on how history is understood, and why it is important and relevant to the 21st century.  Discusses archeology, architecture, technology, food, customs, fashions, and music.  

Alternative May to September:

 The village is open weekends from 12 to 5 PM

replicas of every-day items

   Reproductions of tools, cooking and eating equipment, coins, clothing, armor and musical instruments are demonstrated and discussed with visitors, and a tour of the grounds is included, weather permitting.  Subject matter can also include or focus on specialized topics.

   Recommended for adults and students 10 years and older.  This presentation can work well as an introduction or summary for courses on the middle ages, for public schools, colleges, universities, home-schools, retirement groups, or craft and cultural organizations.  Opportunity is provided for questions, which are encouraged.

   An optional "ploughman's" lunch (bread, roast polish sausage, cheese, vegetable, fruit and a spiced juice drink) is available from the Bors Hede kitchen.  The class is extended another 20 minutes while food is served "feast style" on platters, and eaten off a bread trencher, while a minstrel plays courtly music. 



  Updated 7 June 2024