Patron Donors:  Large-scale projects may receive larger donations

 for which we have three capital donor categories:

$10,000+ - Patron Merchant 

$50,000+ - Patron Lord or Lady 

$100,000+ - Patron Saint 

   Donors at these levels will have contributed greatly to the advancement of Camlann village, and may have a personalized wall painting, stained glass panel or window, created to match their donor level, which will be installed into our future chapel in the center of the village.  The donor, will also receive a completely authentic illuminated scroll, composed upon real parchment with oak-gall ink, medieval paints, and gold leaf. Merchant Patron
Patron Lord

 Construction Campaign 

   Camlann, during 2021, is completing our interpretive center and Gatehouse.  The facility (see Future Plans)  contains a new fortified gate, a 'ticket office', a clothing rental shop, and above, an interpretive hall and gift shop.  Our second building is a 14th century Carpenter Shop which we are framing this winter, and will be walled with wattle and daub as a demonstration during the summer of 2021.


   Other Donations, are always welcome and will be applied to the Association's programs according to the greatest determined need.

   Specific Project Donations are also welcome, and  may support the current construction of cottages, our future carpentry shop, or chapel.  Donations for building projects may be in cash or kind, and we can always use the assistance of carpenters, masons, plumbers, and just plain energetic folk willing to lend a hand. 


Patron Saint