Interpretive Center & Gate Shop


Open for public banquets,  festivals, & village days.


  New and used books on medieval culture and history.

Pottery, Clothing, Long Bows & Arrows, Posters, Artwork


   Book Selections in and out of print, many color-illustrated, include biographical studies of ‘King’ Arthur, Edward III, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and many others. Historical works cover Byzantine, Saracen, Viking, Celtic, English & European cultures.  Our literature section includes works by Chaucer, Dante, Bocaccio, Chretien de Troyes, etc., and we feature a collection of children’s books on knights, castles, culture in the middle ages, and books on daily life illustrate costume, architecture, women’s roles, monasteries, food and gardens. 





   Camlann’s Bors Hede Boke of Cookry (2012 printing) is still available.  This unique, illustrated, 214 page work contains 101 recipes with Middle English, modern, and working versions, and introductory chapters explaining food, gardens, kitchens, cooking techniques and meals in the middle ages.  Students of medieval culture will also be interested in the 85 page glossary of Middle English culinary terms, the most extensive yet to be printed. The book sells for $25.00 (tax included).  You may purchase this during your visit to the shop, at the Bors Hede Restaurant or by mail (send your check, including $4.00 per book for postage).