June 18th & 19th 2022  

Noon to 5:00 PM 


Midsomer Festivities Minstrels

Old World Crafts


Admission:  (cash or check please)

Adults - -  $10.00          60 years & over - - $8.00        

12 years & under - - $8.00          5 years & under - - free

Feast & Festival - - $50.00

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Masks required.  No pets - radios - flash - videos, please

The lord of Camlann invites you to attend his Midsomer Festival, with  Summer Games, crowning the King & Queen of Summer, puppetry, magic, crafts, archery, and minstrelsy.  Come to Somersetshire, ancient realm of Arthur the king, as our morning trumpet & proclamation open the village gates upon the colorful world of Chaucer's England in 1376. The pace is leisurely: everything does not happen at once. The scale is small, intimate: leave behind the hectic 21st century.


Village Square

Paynes Magykes show hands quicker then the eye.

Puppetry  and wondrous minstrelsy by Jacob Breedlove

Sheep petting for young & old.   Mid-Summer Games for all ages.

Visitors can join villagers in Dancing and Archery  

Mynstrels play all the day with 14th century music, stories and dancing.

Villagers interpret and demonstrate daily life and village activities.


  Craft presentations at Camlann are chosen to feature the kind of hand-made goods that were produced in the middle ages.  Preference is given to artisans who can demonstrate the use of medieval tools and techniques. You may join in our village life - - , and shoot the longbow.

Gift Shop  Here you may purchase books, village pottery, unique gifts and useful items incorporating medieval art designs,






Festival Food:   For lunch, sit down at The Bors Head and order ale, wine or mead with a hot lunch (NOON - 3:00 pm);   Enjoy, in good weather, our outdoor dining area.  Call ahead to purchase tickets for a wondrous  Mid-somer Feast that begins at 5:00 pm.

Clothier ShoppeCLOTHING & ACCESSORIES   rentals -you can wear or rent fine attire